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Based in Polperro, Cornwall, Joan the Wad is named after the Queen of Piskies from Cornish folklore. Carrying a torch to help light the way to fortune, Joan the Wad is seen as a figure for good luck and protection. 

Here at Joan the Wad, we pride ourselves in providing an extensive range of Cornish gifts, including our world renowned lucky Cornish Piskey Charms, ‘St Justin’ jewellery and Cornish’ Sterling Silver jewellery. Boasting the largest selection of genuine Piskies and Pixies in the world, made right here in Cornwall, we strive to keep the Cornish Piskey and Pixie folklore alive, by sharing the story with our customers. 

So if you are looking for a piece that represents great holidays spent in Cornwall, or are looking for the perfect gift, come on by and take a look at our amazing range.

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Great shop and good service highly recommended.