Besides the fact that copper has become the hottest homeware trend of the century, copper also provides many health benefits including better circulation, regulates blood flow and helps you to easily absorb iron into your diet.


So, how can copper really help circulation?

The body does not produce copper naturally, but it can easily be introduced to your body by wearing a copper bracelet.

Copper helps the body to easily absorb iron from the food you consume and other sources in your intestines, it can then release it as needed to your essential organs. In doing so, copper helps to regulate blood flow and boost your circulation by maintaining iron levels in your blood. By providing your vital organs and body with the iron levels that you need, this helps to maintain a healthy red blood cell count and aid oxidation in your internal organs.

A lack of copper in the body can lead to poor circulation, and poor circulation in cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks and strokes. Whilst an active lifestyle can help to prevent these problems later down the line, copper bracelets are an easy and effective way to incorporate copper into your life without having to take expensive supplements.

Handcrafted in Cornwall, at Joan The Wad, we offer an extensive range of copper and magnetic therapeutic bracelets, to help increase blood flow and relieve the pain associated with chronic illnesses.

Small Copper Bracelets



Improve your circulation in style with our small copper bracelets, available in a range of styles.

A particular favourite is the Therapeutic Magnetic Copper Torque Bracelet (Small), it’s simple, understated and it does what it says.

Hand crafted with the highest quality copper and copper rich alloys, this bracelet will stay with you for many years, as it helps to increase your blood flow.

This also helps to speed up the body’s natural healing process.

Standard Copper Bracelets

joan-the-wad-m1-magnetic-copper-torque-bracelet-102-p-1Our standard copper bracelets are home to our largest range of copper bracelet styles, you’re sure to find one that will suit your taste and style.


The three colour lace bracelet is the perfect choice if you want something that disguises the fact that it is a medical copper bracelet. Entwining three different colours of brass and copper, this delicate design is stylish and affordable.

Large Copper Bracelets

Featuring 6 of our large copper bracelets, it’s never been easier to improve your blood flow and ease joint pain. Wear it at all times to reap the results.


joan-the-wad-m29-men-s-heavy-copper-magnetic-bracelet-328-pThe therapeutic magnetic copper patterned band bracelet features a simple pattern and is fitted with rare earth magnets measuring 1700 gauss. Individually handcrafted in Cornwall, it has been made with the highest quality copper for long lasting wear.

Take a look at our full range of Copper Bracelets to find the right one to suit your taste and style. The perfect accessory that will help to boost your circulation and relieve the pain associated with many chronic illnesses.