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18th July 2018
The Celtic Knot

The Celtic Knot is a popular symbol used on Cornish jewellery and gifts. It looks beautiful, with... Read More

29th June 2018
Wherever You Are, Here You’ll Be - Our Stunning Cornish Image Gallery

When you think about Cornwall, your mind is a wash with many wonderful things for which the Count... Read More

15th May 2018
How Can Copper Help Circulation

Besides the fact that copper has become the hottest homeware trend of the century, copper also pr... Read More

18th April 2018
The History of Joan the Wad - Queen of the Cornish Piskies

When you think about Cornwall, no doubt there are two words that spring to mind: Piskies and Past... Read More

7th March 2018
The History of the Cornish Love Ring - Tristan and Iseult's Love Story

Cornwall has always been a place of storytelling and magic; it’s where King Arthur and his quee... Read More

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