St Justin jewellery is magnificent. It represents a strong, bold, Celtic Cornish past, and it shows how beauty can be forged from something that once belonged underground. There is a certain poetry in that. A wild and whimsical music to it. So it’s no wonder that St Justin jewellery is so revered and admired.

St Justin Tree Of Life Pendant

Every unique piece of St Justin jewellery begins its life in the once remote South West of England, in Cornwall, where there is as much history as there is magic. It all combines to create these glorious works of art that can be worn and given to loved ones, and that offer so much in terms of their aesthetic value, and their provenance.

The designs are authentic too. Native Celts, ancient Britons, European invaders from across the sea, they all left their mark, their art, on pottery, stones, walls, and it was left for modern man to find. Find it they did, and they used it to gorgeous effect when creating these stunning pieces of St Justin jewellery. Made from pewter, made from 92 percent tin, the strong traditions of Cornwall survive even if the mining industry has long since departed. There is something to link us now to those then, and that is where the awesomeness lies. Could those ancient rugged Celts have had any idea that their art would be the inspiration for some of the finest English jewellery made today? It seems unlikely, but the notion that they might have left their designs on purpose, there to be found and admired and used, is one that makes us smile.

At Joan the Wad we sell this superb St Justin jewellery. We love how it tells a story, how it has something to offer that is more than ‘just’ beauty. Hand crafted, made to be loved and treasured, which piece of St Justin jewellery do you want to call your own?

St Justin Cornish Tin Bangle

St Justin Pewter Trefoil Celtic Knot Studs

St Justin Pewter Ammonite Drop Earrings

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