Cornish Piskey Jewellery

Sterling Silver – Pewter & Cornish Tin Piskey charms and pendants.
The pisky folk accordng to Couches History of Polperro are about a span long, clad in green and wearing straw hats or little green caps on their heads.
Several are known by name ‘Joan The Wad’ Queen of the Cornish Piskies, ‘Jack O Lantern’ King of the Devon Pixies, ‘Billy Bucca’ Duke of the Buccas, ‘Nicky Nan’ Knight of the knockers, ‘Sam Spriggan’ prince of the Spriggans and our very own ‘Polperro’ Piskey.
The Piskies are the cheery wonder workers of Cornwall. Thier powers are incalculable and wherever they abide good luck attends. Sir Arthur Quiller Couch in one of his books described how the maidens go to the well to intercede with the pisky folk for the name of their true love.
All our pisky charms are the genuine article and not available anywhere alse. Do Not be misled by spurious imitations.

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